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What’s Next?

The last few months have been the busiest, most rewarding months of my life. I began my path to become a teacher, a “lifelong and life-wide commitment to learning”. Yesterday, my module gathered for the final time in an educational … Continue reading

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Souvenir Collection Ideas

The other night, I went to Vancouver with my friends Ryan and Connor.  The three of us have formed a mini excursion brigade in which we’ll climb in the car and drive until we reach a new destination. This will either be … Continue reading

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What Happens During University

My Bachelor Degree took 6 years to complete. In that time, I learned quite a bit BEYOND what my books taught me. Continue reading

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The process of writing

I call myself a writer. Really, I do. But for somebody who is supposed to have words oozing from her fingers (So to speak…) I often have a very hard time getting my ideas into something worthwhile.

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Are we nice enough?

I’ve decided that, overall,  people kind of suck when it comes to being a good friend. I’m not talking about my friends specifically. People in general – we’re all a little self-absorbed, and mean.

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Such a Cliche

Seriously, I love old sayings.   Honestly, I wish we could all just speak in cliche all the time.  I mean, how often does “This too shall pass” apply to a situation?  Your awful hangover, seeing the guy you are destined … Continue reading

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How To Live Life

Want to be happy?   Stop worrying about what other people think.

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