I’m back…

Hello, wordpress. It’s been too long.

Long story short, my social media professor had us switch over our blogging platforms, and that platform has since gone offline. So I’m back. And I’ve learned a lot.

I was reading over the few posts on this current site, that I wrote 2-3 years ago. Tightening was definitely a problem. It likely still is. But I want to try again. I want to try and write things that are important, and mean things to people.  Or at least things I find interesting.

Basically, blogging is a nice break from the insane course load I’ll be resuming in 2 months. For those of you reading that don’t know, I’m a fourth year Creative Writing major, with an English minor, and essentially too many words swarming in my head, that are struggling to make themselves into stories I am passionate about.

Maybe writing a bit every day will help get the juices flowing again.

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