Twitter Haikus – The Day I Posted 17 Syllables At A Time

The other day, I was bored, so I decided to post on Twitter in ONLY Haikus, because I’m a nerd, and I thought it would be mentally stimulating, and frankly I just wanted to change it up a bit.

Here’s the result:

What if I tweeted
Like, for the entire day
In only haikus?

It might be too hard
But it’s summer and I’m bored
So here goes nothing

That is my plan now
Except I’m not very cool
No stories to tweet!

I forget the rules
Am I allowed to carry
The sentence over?

I’m taking my first
Poetry class in the fall
I will learn stuff there

GST return
Makes my bank account happy
Thank you, government!

Ha ha, thanks Jenna
Hey, how was mirage last night?
Was it like, greasy?

Dinner at Anton’s.
Should have gone home right after
Avoided sadness

Instead, we gambled.
Away went our good spirits
Along with our cash.

Now, the memory
Of the delicious pasta
Is overridden

Oh well. I will live.
Let it be a lesson though
Go home after food!

Remember the times
In high school during summer
when we had no jobs?

so, today I tried
to create an excel sheet
to plan my budget

sadly, my paychecks
are quite unreliable
and make planning hard.

Today I posted
15 haikus on twitter
including this one.

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