Extrovert? Introvert? What Do We Mean?


The other day, I was at an incredibly engaging poetry workshop led by a teacher from Belgium. I admit, I was completely taken by his enthusiasm for his craft. The way he incorporates poetry into the classroom and encouraged us, as future educators, to do the same, was so inspiring.

I was participating ardently. I went to the front of the room to partake in a scent test, I listened to his song samples and wrote descriptive words to accompany them, and was totally invested.

But then he said something that drew me out of the experience entirely. Continue reading

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A Day In the English Countryside

IMG_2729 copy

A magical feeling tends to roll over me whenever I’m in the United Kingdom – particularly when I’m in England. My love runs deep; Maybe it’s because of Harry Potter, maybe it’s because of Mary Kate and Ashley in the award-winning Winning London, or maybe it’s because all my favourite movies growing up had at least one character with a British accent. Whatever the reason, when my grandparents and I returned to London after our cruise, I was eager to go further into the country for the day to explore more of one of my very favourite countries. Continue reading

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Why I’m So Scared to Become a Teacher

cover ed

When I was four, I made my first major life decision.

My friends and I had been playing Sailor Moon at preschool, when our teacher asked for a “teacher’s helper”. Now, maybe it’s because my friends were trying to convince me to play Luna, or perhaps I felt like they just didn’t grasp the latest episode like I had, but at that request, I shot my hand up and ran over before anyone else had a chance. Continue reading

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Souvenir Collection Ideas


The other night, I went to Vancouver with my friends Ryan and Connor.  The three of us have formed a mini excursion brigade in which we’ll climb in the car and drive until we reach a new destination. This will either be a town close by that at least one of us has never visited, or an attraction that we’ve, until then, taken advantage of having near and thus never taking the time to visit.  That night, these adventures took us first on a walk around Gastown, then on the Stanley Park drive. Continue reading

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Lazy Lanzarote


The first stop of our tour of the Canaries was Lanzarote Island.  At grandma’s request, we opted for the simple Beach Transfer tour, which only gave us a brief overview of the whole island as we drove to Playa del Carmen. And to be honest… that 20 minute drive was enough. Continue reading

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Heights, Hills and Tastes of Madeira!


My cruise this past June was called “Sunshine in the Canary Islands” and so you would imagine that the focus would be… well, the canary islands. However, after visiting Lisbon four days prior, I spent my whole time in the Canaries looking forward to my next Portugal port. Finally, we pulled into Madeira/Funchal for a day of adventure. Continue reading

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West Coast, Best Coast: Portugal Edition


Okay, so I obviously fell behind on my “once a week travel blogging!” goal I set before I went to Europe. I kept it up for a while… but honestly, if I was busy working on a blog post, I wouldn’t have gotten to experience my trip to the fullest extent.

But now, I’m home. Back from a trip that taught me a lot about myself,  and I’m able to look back at my notes and relive all the amazing countries I got to call home for a little while. Today, I’m looking back at Portugal. Continue reading

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