Souvenir Collection Ideas


The other night, I went to Vancouver with my friends Ryan and Connor.  The three of us have formed a mini excursion brigade in which we’ll climb in the car and drive until we reach a new destination. This will either be a town close by that at least one of us has never visited, or an attraction that we’ve, until then, taken advantage of having near and thus never taking the time to visit.  That night, these adventures took us first on a walk around Gastown, then on the Stanley Park drive. Continue reading

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Lazy Lanzarote


The first stop of our tour of the Canaries was Lanzarote Island.  At grandma’s request, we opted for the simple Beach Transfer tour, which only gave us a brief overview of the whole island as we drove to Playa del Carmen. And to be honest… that 20 minute drive was enough. Continue reading

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Heights, Hills and Tastes of Madeira!


My cruise this past June was called “Sunshine in the Canary Islands” and so you would imagine that the focus would be… well, the canary islands. However, after visiting Lisbon four days prior, I spent my whole time in the Canaries looking forward to my next Portugal port. Finally, we pulled into Madeira/Funchal for a day of adventure. Continue reading

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West Coast, Best Coast: Portugal Edition


Okay, so I obviously fell behind on my “once a week travel blogging!” goal I set before I went to Europe. I kept it up for a while… but honestly, if I was busy working on a blog post, I wouldn’t have gotten to experience my trip to the fullest extent.

But now, I’m home. Back from a trip that taught me a lot about myself,  and I’m able to look back at my notes and relive all the amazing countries I got to call home for a little while. Today, I’m looking back at Portugal. Continue reading

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What 2 Months of Travel has Taught Me



I love a good travel memoir.

You know the ones. Often coming-of-age-esque, these tales follow their protagonist as they discover the world, and their place in it. Or – at least in travel memoirs – where their place ISN’T. they discover a certain fluidity about themselves, realizing that they don’t need to call a particular place home, as long as they can keep finding comforts around the world.

When I was planning for this trip, I was curious what I would find out about myself. Continue reading

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Mom Meets Paris 

 imageWhen I quit Starbucks last month, I rejoiced at the fact that I wouldn’t have to set my alarm for 3am anymore. Somehow, only a few weeks later, I found myself using the same alarm. I suppose though, since it was to get ready for our day trip to PARIS, I could make a small exception.  Continue reading

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London Calling…

visit londonnn

So. I have been to London before. In fact, combined with the “before” and “after” days of my tour I did in 2011, I’ve spent about a week in London. But coming back four years later was a totally different experience. Even though I did a lot of the same things, and grandma was there again… This time, I had my mom. Continue reading

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Let’s Start at the Very Beginning…



As Kylie Minogue once sang, it was loooooove, at first sight.

Except… More like fourth sight. Continue reading

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Romantic Roads in Bavaria

 Ahh, the return of bus tours.

Mom and I have been in Munich for 3 days, and this is our final evening to explore the town before we move on to Salzburg. In this time, I think we’ve gotten a pretty good feel of the city. Continue reading

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What Happens During University


Yesterday, I graduated from University.

That feels so strange to write! I feel like it’s taken forever… and in a way, it has. My university career was actually a year longer than my high school career… and yet, it all happened so quickly, that it’s taken a moment for me to digest everything. Continue reading

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